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Our company RIFETECH presents Sanoplasma – the device designated to deliver frequencies into body contactless. On the field of alternative medicine it is believed this can cause selective destruction of pathogens. The original version of plasma generator is based on Royal Raymond Rife´s researches. Sanoplasma is the result of a persistent work of electroengineers. Our goal was to design and develop an original plasma generator with output strong enough to impact parasites. According to our clients´ reports we have achieved our goal.

Some „Rife“ devices imitate the original Phillip Hoyland´s machine. These devices usually work with the carrier freqency higher than 3 MHz. However, Dr. Hulda R. Clark found human cells resonant frequencies in the range 1.5 MHz – 9,5 MHz. That´s why we went a different direction and it was a long way full of complications.  Sanoplasma´s strong output enables deep penetration without using high carrier frequencies!


Frequency range (1 Hz – 900 kHz) covers all kinds of pathogenic microorganisms

Long working time of the bulb (more than 3,000 hours), spent bulbs can be refilled and reused

Square waves produce harmonics frequencies

Output regulator

Compactness and mobility

Sofisticated software


Safety; bulbs made of Pyrex are protected by plastic shield to prevent touching high voltage

For more information write: info@rifetech.eu