Why Plasma

The Rifetech® plasma emitter can, in its own way, be compared to a musical instrument. A string tuned to a particular tone sounds different on the piano, the violin, or the guitar. The acoustic specifics of musical instruments are caused by beats and harmonic frequencies. In other words, a single tone becomes a complex range of aliquot tones that determines the characteristic colour of the sound. Plasma acts as an electric mixer that creates harmonious waves and heterodyne reverberations. In order for ionised gas to be considered plasma, it must exhibit collective behaviour, namely the ability to collectively respond to electric and magnetic fields, and at the same time generate them with its movement. The second fundamental characteristic is quasi-neutrality. This involves approximate equality of the concentration of positively-charged ions and negatively-charged electrons. Plasma contains free electrical charges and is therefore electrically conductive. For this reason, it is the ideal medium for mixing and transmitting different types of signals. A plasma tube emits pulsed electrical and magnetic spectra that reach terahertz frequencies, manifested in the redness of plasma, and these frequencies spread evenly in all directions.

The potential of using low-temperature plasma for therapeutic purposes

Cold atmospheric plasma (CAP) is a partially-ionised gas at room temperature. It consists of a reactive mixture of electrons, ions, excited-state atoms and molecules, reactive substances (such as O 3 , NO, NO 2, etc.), UV radiation, electromagnetic fields, and heat. It penetrates bacteria, viruses, and fungi and destroys their DNA, which is freely available in the cell, to deactivate microorganisms. Human eukaryotic cells, however, are protected from the effects of temporarily-applied CAP because their DNA is additionally protected by a nuclear membrane. To date, we know of no tissue damage as a result of treatment with plasma care.

Plasma as an energy mirror/spin therapy

In addition to the ability to emit different spectra of electromagnetic radiation, plasma has the unique property of reflecting electromagnetic waves in the same way as a mirror. Thanks to this property, for example, radio waves can be reflected from the ionosphere, which allows the signal to spread over long distances.

Similarly, the RIFETECH® Plasma emitter can reflect human bio-electromagnetic radiation, referred to as biofields. Thus, in addition to the emission of the therapeutic signal, the plasma emitter can reflect the patient's own radiation and the two signals can then be synergically combined. This energetic interaction between plasma and body can amplify the therapeutic effect.

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