Neuromodulation and neurostimulation therapies and interventions are based on an understanding of nerve structures and the behaviour of the neural circuits of the nervous system. As our understanding has grown, more and more effective treatment options using neuromodulation interventions have emerged. Neuromodulation applies the principle that different frequencies stimulate different pathways or structures of the nervous system, thus changing their membrane potential and in turn their functions. With electrical stimulation, the electrical current changes the properties of membranes, pathways, and cells. Rifetech® neuromodulation technologies have potential at the following levels: Transcranial direct current stimulation: for this non-invasive method, involving the direct action of a small direct current, it will in the future be possible to connect specifically-modified contact electrodes to the Rifetech® module. Repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation: for this non-invasive method, involving exposure to a strong pulsed magnetic field, we are developing a special emitter that combines plasma discharge and magnetic coil. Stimulation of the vagus nerve: VNS is a medical term that refers to the use of an electrical current applied directly to a part of the vagus nerve through a surgically-implanted pacemaker-like device; indirectly to the vagus nerve through an area of skin that connects to the vagus nerve; or the use of current in the left ear, where the vagus nerve nears the surface. The use of electrical stimulation has the potential to overstimulate and induce adverse reactions and is generally considered unpleasant by the patient. Rifetech® technology, therefore, offers a solution in the use of a pulsed EM field to generate therapeutic resonance frequencies in order to create biological feedback within the autonomic nervous system, with particular attention to the vagus nerve. Such frequency toning is very safe, with the statistically-insignificant potential for adverse reactions. The Rifetech® technology database also provides a range of protocols with frequency neuromodulation potential. Examples include the 50 Hz frequency, which, according to clinical studies, supports neurogenesis in the hippocampus - the brain centre that holds memory, the 20 Hz frequency, which, according to studies, increases the capacity of short-term memory, and the 15 Hz frequency, which, according to EEG studies, has the potential to activate various areas of the brain at the same time, including the amygdala, which plays the main role in the formation and preservation of memory traces associated with emotional experiences.

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