As we age, the human immune system becomes weaker. The weaker the immune system, the less it produces antibodies, the benefits of vaccination decline, and the risk of side effects increases. In order to prevent infection, the immune system does not primarily need the antibody produced by vaccination, but instead, alongside white blood cells, healthy, strong B-lymphocytes and NK cells. People who have enough active B and NK cells do not usually take ill. The additional help of antibodies is only needed in the case of a very powerful infection. Both B-lymphocytes and NK cells can be trained extremely well, and their number and quality increased. Instead of confronting the body with active harmful pathogens in the form of vaccination, you can train the immune system with entirely harmless frequencies.

In 1981, Stanislaw Szmigielski discovered that short-term exposure of animals to electromagnetic waves stimulates the production of antibodies and accelerates the maturation of B-lymphocytes. Since then, there have been many other in vitro and in vivo studies which show that stimulation by low-frequency electromagnetic field can affect immune cells. In the event of tissue damage, the tissue sends an "alarm signal", after which anti-inflammatory substances are secreted. Electromagnetic signals also activate the homeostatic mechanisms that control the immune response. The immunomodulation effects of Rifetech® technology lie in imitating or amplifying these natural electromagnetic signals. Using low frequencies, “danger signals” can be activated, and in turn immunity modulated.

The pulsed EM field generated specifically by the plasma emitter also stimulates the reticuloendothelial system - a system of phagocytic cells scattered through a number of organs, particularly the spleen, liver, and lymphatic tissue, sharing in the immunity of the organism.

There is significant potential in an experimental methodology that facilitates disruption of the pathogen at the genomic level with subsequent  "visibility" for white blood cells, which accelerates the production of antibodies and generates a better immune response. To this end, an original database is being created of therapeutic resonance frequencies modified by the development team led by doc. Ing. Vladimír Holcman, Ph.D., Ing. Roberta Macků, Ph.D., and Ing. Tomáš Trčka, Ph.D. from the Institute of Physics, in cooperation with biologist RNDr. Dagmar Jančová, Ph.D., for the purposes of the Rifetech® technology control module. 

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