Case Studies


I would like to express my great thanks to Rifetech® for developing a great device that can treat, among many other diseases, long-term serious health problems. My experience of treatment with this device is very positive (e.g. successful treatment of periodontitis at an advanced stage, elimination of severe, long-term headaches to a tolerable degree, with treatment ongoing, elimination of urine leakage, parasites, fungi and bacteria, cure of a mouth ulcer). We are currently treating multiple types of diseases: chlamydia (where improvement has already been seen), diabetes, sciatica, and other diagnoses. I just want to point out the versatile use of this great device in the treatment of various types of diseases. I highly recommend it to people who want to improve their own health, or that of their loved ones.

Pavol Putera, Handlová


Lyme disease gone!! My fiancé has been battling Lyme disease for some time. With the help of RIFETECH® Plasma (this device is great) and the lesser contribution of a homeopathic doctor, who advised us on which additional doses to apply to RIFETECH® Plasma and recommended certain homeopathic supplements, I am happy to announce that, after yesterday's visit to the doctor, he has officially been cured!!!! Thank you to Rifetech ® for creating an amazing protocol that literally saved my fiancé's life.

Ania Mitchell, Toronto


I would like to thank you for producing an excellent device. I used to work with a different brand, but the device was cumbersome. When I saw the results of your tests, I decided to try out your device. RIFETECH® Plasma works like a dream. In around 20 months of working with the device, I have seen really significant results. The quickest success was curing a client suffering from HPV - just 3 sessions lasting 10 minutes each and the virus disappeared, the symptoms included. Another example is a five-year-old girl with recurring eye infections - 2 sessions and the problem was solved. In June 2019, I had pseudomyxoma peritonei following an appendectomy. I refused any invasive procedure, and still remember the sensations I felt when I first used your plasma. It was a definite hit. I applied different doses for a few weeks and no problems have appeared since then. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.

Rob Esser, therapist


I use RIFETECH® Plasma in my private practice and am very satisfied with the results. I would be interested in conducting a clinical study with your device in Poland.

Dr. Bozena Twardosz - 3M medical


Lucid dreams were an integral part of my life. My inspiration from dreams earned me more money than my conscious creative efforts. The quality of my sleep deteriorated significantly when I was forced to take an injection of risperidone. That's why I created a special frequency set for RIFETECH® Plasma. After 3 applications, the expected result was achieved. I was able to dream deeply again for 14 hours without interruption! This frequency seems to permanently reset those parts of the brain in charge of sleep and dreaming.

And, leaving the best till last, my dreams came back in all their former glory and I started using a dream diary again. In one dream, I dreamed of revolutionary technology. If we take this vision forward together, we can go much further than Rife!

David Bourke, respected authority on plasma therapy, member of the Rifetech® international scientific team


Absolutely amazing! I couldn't sleep at night because I was in great pain due to an eye infection. I felt like I had a rock under my eyelid. Yesterday I tried RIFETECH® Plasma and used a dose of “Eye Infection”. By the evening, although I could still feel something when I moved my eye, the pain was significantly weaker and did not prevent me from sleeping. When I woke up this morning, a lot of small particles left my eye and now I feel so much better! That's what I call miraculous healing – I'm amazed!

Kaj Ronny Nilsen, IT specialist


My client, 50 years old, experienced bleeding in her spinal cord as a result of a cavernous tumour. She wanted to avoid surgery because the surgeon would have to remove a vertebra to ensure access to the affected vein/artery, which poses a significant risk. I put her on doses of Hemangioma and Cavernous hemangioma in RIFETECH® Plasma. The client recovered to such an extent that she left behind her wheelchair, walking frame, and stick. The same client also has difficulty urinating and feels pressure on her knees and ankles. After one 60-minute treatment, urination returned to normal. She had her second treatment yesterday, so I'm looking forward to seeing how her condition continues to improve. We combine it with neurofeedback that helps her mental condition.

Jackie De Vries, therapist


I was treating a patient with acute coronavirus infection. I used a therapeutic dose from RNDr. Dagmar Jančová, Ph.D. After 3 treatments, Covid-19 was negative. Great! I'm so excited!

Daniel Hertig, therapist


Facial acne for 10 years, menstrual cycle disorder, dizziness during menstruation. The result of intensive weekly therapy: significant decrease in acne and dizziness.

patient of Dr. Thai Nguyen


I took all the doses for eyesight, and this morning I went out without putting my glasses on and did some housework. Then I realised I wasn’t wearing my glasses and could see! Not so well up-close, but there was significant improvement outside in the garden. What is more, RIFETECH® Plasma cured my long-term night-time cough, which had been tormenting me for 15 years! Thank you to the RIFETECH® team.

Heather Foster, retiree


My mother was successfully treated with RIFETECH® Plasma. Stage three brain tumour in total remission. The enemy has fallen. It was stage three cancer, not just a tumour. Oedema also disappeared.

Joseph Rinoza Plazo, lawyer

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